Online Payment Service is for divorced or separated parents who need to create a Parenting Plan. Our Parenting Plans are court-approved for use in all 50 States and are also accepted by most Canadian and foreign courts.

By using the forms on this site you'll quickly and easily create a Parenting Plan that fits your family's needs. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney for a basic, "out of the box" Parenting Plan that doesn't take into account your family and the things that make it unique.

It's easy! Our clear, straight-forward instructions will guide you through modifying and checking your Plan from start to finish.

Once you have the plan the way you want it, submit it to either your attorney or directly to the court to be entered as the parenting plan to be used by both parties.

The other parent (or their attorney) will submit their parenting plan, so make sure that you also enter one as well to protect your interests and to make sure that you can remain involved in your child's life.

Simple Three-Step Process:

     Download the Parenting Plan Kit.
     Select and modify a plan to meet your needs.
     File the Parenting Plan with the court.

By creating your own Parenting Plan you'll end up with a Plan that both parents can agree on for the long-term. Because you will need to abide by the conditions set in the Parenting Plan for some time it is critically important to get it right the first time. The vast majority of divorced parents who return to fight in court again and again do so because of ongoing issues with their Parenting Plan.

With our well thought-out and time-proven Parenting Plans you can avoid the mistakes and the "I should have thought of that" items that are difficult and expensive to change later.

What's Included In The Kit:
  1. Clear, detailed instructions on modifying the Parenting Plans

  2. Complete Parenting Plan Sets:

    • NEW! Standardized US Family Court Parenting Plan 
    • Standard Parenting Plan 
    • Comprehensive Parenting Plan 
    • Shared Parenting Plan 
    • Comprehensive Sole Custody Parenting Plan 
    • Military Service Parenting Plan 
    • Interstate / Long-Distance Parenting Plan 
    • Supervised 4-Phase Visitation Plan 
    • Standard Parenting Plan (Joint Legal/Sole Physical) 
    • Comprehensive Parenting Plan (Joint Legal/Sole Physical) 

  3. BONUS: Suggested Parenting Plan Stipulations
    Items that should be in EVERY Parenting Plan but
    that are often forgotten or overlooked!

  4. BONUS: The 17 WORST Parenting Plan Mistakes!
    Any one of these mistakes could cost you thousands,
    and most Parenting Plans contain several of them!
All Parenting Plans are provided in Microsoft Word format and plain text (ASCII) format. The Plans are easily modified and can be changed or edited by either or both parents until a satisfactory Plan is produced.

What's Covered In The Plans:
  • Primary and/or Joint Custody & Residence
  • Holiday Schedule(s)
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Emergency Treatment & Care
  • Pick up and Return Arrangements
  • Right Of First Refusal
  • Move-Away Restrictions
  • Telephone, Mail, and Email Contact
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Transfer of Clothing, Toys & Accessories
  • Expenses - normal and extraordinary
  • Travel Arrangements and Conditions
  • Tax Deductions and HOH Designation
  • Current Address Notification
  • Daycare Arrangements and Information
  • Additional Home Resident(s) Clause
  • Employer Contact Agreement/Restrictions
  • Educational Arrangement & Schooling
  • Religious Education
  • Visitation/Parenting Time Denial
  • Grandparents and Extended Family
  • Child Discipline & Guidance
  • Conflict Clauses
  • Post-Secondary Support & Planning
  • Decision Making Rights & Responsibilities
  • Medication & Controlled Substances
  • Release of Records & Information
  • Vacation Agreement / Restrictions
  • Child Counseling and/or Therapy
  • . . . and much, much more!

A Parenting Plan is one of the most important documents you'll ever sign. Don't leave yours up to chance or to the whims of a judge. Order your Parenting Plan Kit today. is not a provider of legal advice and our products should be used as a substitute
for competent legal counsel. Always retain a qualified professional for any legal issue or proceeding.