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Customer Comments

"Amazingly well thought out. . . I never would have thought of half the things you covered. . ."
Dave S. - Seattle WA

"Both my ex and I are in the Military and the parenting plan (for Military personnel) was complete and fair. Thank you!"
Carolyn M. - Wheaton MD

"Wow, lotta good ideas in there. These were obviously written by people who have dealt with this stuff . . ."
Kevin Mc. - Orlando FL

"Holy cow, am I ever glad I got this!"
Annette N. - Seven Hills, OH

"The 4-phase plan was EXACTLY what I needed. My lawyer had never seen anything like it and he says it's 'extremely well done'. "
Traci K. - Warren PA

"...hardly had to change a thing, your (Comprehensive) plan covered everything and then some."
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